Freud…Boy, THIS Could Take A While…

Freud is considered the “father” of psychotherapy, justifiably. But there’s more to Freud than the typical picture of “Tell me what happened with your mother when you were two years old.” That’s often how Freud is summed up, but the man himself was fascinating.

This is the start of a series on articles on him. It’s going to take a while to talk about him. But it’s worth the wait.

A brief bio here, to start off.

Freud was born in Moravia in 1856, and the family later moved to Vienna, Austria, You have to know something about his background to know where his theories came from. His father was 40 when Freud was born, and his mother was only 20. Freud’s father was the king of the family, and his word was law. Freud didn’t that. It wasn’t the closest of relationships, and you can bet Freud Senior didn’t take little Siggy on a lot of father-son fishing trips to “bond” with him.

It was different with Mom. She was very pretty, with a slim figure. She adored Sigmund, and he got a little too…”attached” by today’s standards. He had a passionate attraction to her, and yes, it could be considered sexual. But that set the stage for his Oedipus complex theory – you know, where Sonny likes mom a lot...and doesn’t want Dad to have her.

Things like that set the stage for his later theories – which are rather autobiographical in nature.

We’ll talk next time about his relationship with his family, and yes, much of it will be about Mom. It was a large family,with eight kids – and two of them were his older half-brothers, who had kids, too. And as you can probably guess, it wasn’t “Brady Bunch”-like at all…


Hello, World! Food Photography Lover Here

Welcome to my new blog for Fortun8 Food Images. I love writing about food as well as photographing it, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on food photography here with you.

I’d like to talk a little about my shooting technique here. Almost all the images on the site were shot on my dining room table. Seriously. And the one of the white wine and bruschetta was taken on my kitchen counter. I can shoot literally anywhere. If  there’s a flat surface – or even if there’s not – I can shoot on it.

I’ll be talking more about my shooting techniques, and about food in general. My favorite subject! I love to cook. In fact, I have over 250 cookbooks. If you’re curious, no, I don’t to use all of them all the time. But I love having any kind of recipe I want right at my fingertips. (Which isn’t so good for my waistline, but, hey, I don’t care!)


How Would You Describe Your Personality?

It’s interesting that you can’t necessarily sum up anyone’s personality – including your own – in just one word, usually. And you can’t really use fuzzy terms like “great” or “awful” to describe something as complex as a personality. There is so much more to a personality than that. It’s a big task, but describing a personality requires precision, and being able to define and describe it well.

What words would you use to describe your personality? You could run through the English language literally from A to Z with the range of words available for that. Would you call yourself “ambitious”? “Optimistic”? “Uninhibited”?

See? This is harder than you thought, I bet.

But hey, there’s help. Something called the Adjective Checklist can sort this out for you. Believe it or nor, this has over 300 adjectives for describing a personality. No, that’s not a typo. There are indeed 300 adjectives. I’m not expecting you to take it, so don’t worry. But I did include the Wikipedia link to it, if you’d like to find out more. There’s also good info on it at

How would I describe my own personality? Curious…especially about personality. So I’m going to close out here and find another topic to look up for my next post. Stay tuned.

Is Personality Based On How Other People See Us?

In a word…yes.

The word “personality” comes from the Latin word persona. This word refers to the masks actors use in plays. You’ve probably heard the word often – “Her ‘public persona‘ is that of a caring, loving mom” – her “image,” so to speak. It’s how people see her – whether or not they know her personally. So we can understand how “personality” connotes an outward appearance – the public “face” we show everyone.

In that light, we might believe personality is all about our external, observable characteristics. Then we could define personality in terms of our impressions on other people – the person we appear to be.

But, as with anything else…there’s more to it…more under the surface. We’ll keep exploring this fascinating subject, and discover more about this essential part of ourselves.

Okay, What IS This Thing Called A “Personality”?

It’s simply what makes you YOU.

It’s the unique, enduring characteristics of yourself that make you behave the way you do in certain situations.

If you’re cool under pressure, and generally pretty relaxed most of the time, people may say you have a “laidback personality.” If you’re organized, efficient, determined, very much a leader, and you “run a tight ship,” people may say you have a Type A personality. That’s not completely correct, but it’s somewhere close..If you’re outgoing and sociable, people may say you hve a “great personality.”

It’s generally how you think, and behave in most situations.

We’ll cover more on this later!


Hello world!

Welcome to the “maiden voyage” of PersonalityPlace! It’s a place where you and I can both learn, and talk about, that thing people carry with them every day: their personalities.

Why are some people “nice” and others “not-so-nice”? Why do some people need to be the center of attention, others don’t need it so much, and other people totally shrink back when you turn the lights on at all? Why does that guy you work with always need to have his pens all lined up in a row – and hellfire will rain down upon you if you touch them? What’s up with Dave and his girlfriend, when he’s so “laidback,” and she’s wound tighter than a Swiss watch?

Questions, questions, and more questions. You’ve got them, I’ve got them…the whole world’s got them.

This is a journey on the road to discovering about personality. Put on your seatbelts…it’s going to be a crazy ride!

Fortune McLemore