Freud…Boy, THIS Could Take A While…

Freud is considered the “father” of psychotherapy, justifiably. But there’s more to Freud than the typical picture of “Tell me what happened with your mother when you were two years old.” That’s often how Freud is summed up, but the man himself was fascinating.

This is the start of a series on articles on him. It’s going to take a while to talk about him. But it’s worth the wait.

A brief bio here, to start off.

Freud was born in Moravia in 1856, and the family later moved to Vienna, Austria, You have to know something about his background to know where his theories came from. His father was 40 when Freud was born, and his mother was only 20. Freud’s father was the king of the family, and his word was law. Freud didn’t that. It wasn’t the closest of relationships, and you can bet Freud Senior didn’t take little Siggy on a lot of father-son fishing trips to “bond” with him.

It was different with Mom. She was very pretty, with a slim figure. She adored Sigmund, and he got a little too…”attached” by today’s standards. He had a passionate attraction to her, and yes, it could be considered sexual. But that set the stage for his Oedipus complex theory – you know, where Sonny likes mom a lot...and doesn’t want Dad to have her.

Things like that set the stage for his later theories – which are rather autobiographical in nature.

We’ll talk next time about his relationship with his family, and yes, much of it will be about Mom. It was a large family,with eight kids – and two of them were his older half-brothers, who had kids, too. And as you can probably guess, it wasn’t “Brady Bunch”-like at all…


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