Hello, World! Food Photography Lover Here

Welcome to my new blog for Fortun8 Food Images. I love writing about food as well as photographing it, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on food photography here with you.

I’d like to talk a little about my shooting technique here. Almost all the images on the site were shot on my dining room table. Seriously. And the one of the white wine and bruschetta was taken on my kitchen counter. I can shoot literally anywhere. If  there’s a flat surface – or even if there’s not – I can shoot on it.

I’ll be talking more about my shooting techniques, and about food in general. My favorite subject! I love to cook. In fact, I have over 250 cookbooks. If you’re curious, no, I don’t to use all of them all the time. But I love having any kind of recipe I want right at my fingertips. (Which isn’t so good for my waistline, but, hey, I don’t care!)



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